About Us

UltraClean, an Israeli company, was founded in 2002 in order to develop an automatic towel dispenser with an integrated laundry system.

The company was established by Avi Kafzan, the owner of the largest hygiene company in Israel, Manal (Israel Clean Towels - ICT). (www.manal.co.il)

Manal is the largest long standing company in Israel that develops, markets and sells hygiene products, to both the public sector as well as the institutional one. Founded in 1964, Manal has grown to become the leading company in Israel in its field. Among its clients are all the major construction companies in Israel, cleaning companies and many clients in the biggest and most luxurious offices in the country. The company serves thousands of clients, including those who use regular linen towels.

Avi Kafzan is also the inventor and entrepreneur of Deeay Technologies. Deeay technologies have developed a fast dishwasher mainly designed for offices and for the dental market. The company has two brands: Fresh cup (www.freshcup.co.il) and Ultrawash (www.ultrawash.co.il) The main shareholder of Deeay technologies is Mey-Eden (www.meyeden.co.il), a leading Mineral Water Company in Europe and Israel.

In addition, the two other partners of UltraClean are Ben Segal, an entrepreneur and company owner, SegTec (www.segtec.co.il ), who focuses in the development and marketing of electronic components, and Rafi Babiacki, the sales and marketing director, who has vast experience in marketing and sales, and owns an independent company for marketing HPL boards in Israel.

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