Product Overview

. How long is the towel?
    Towel length is 20 meters.

. How wide is the towel?
    Towel width is 21 cm.

. What is the power requirement for UltraClean?

    The power requirement is 100-250 VAC, and power consumption of 1200W.

. How much does the UltraClean linen towel dispenser weigh?
    The UltraClean linen towel dispenser weighs14 kg not including detergent and 17 kgs when including full     detergent cartridge.

. What is the size of the UltraClean cabinet?
    The size of the UltraClean cabinet is width: 42 cm; height: 59 cm; depth: 29 cm.

. How many times can the cotton towel inside the cabinet be used?
    One towel is suitable for 70-100 personal uses.

. How long does the laundering service performed inside the cabinet take?
    Laundering service for the full towel length takes 2 hours. If less is used, laundry will take less time.

. How much detergent does the cabinet contain?
    The detergent cartridge inside the cabinet contains 2.9 liters.

. How much detergent is used in every laundry?
    Every laundry requires 30 cc. of detergent.

. How much water is used in every laundry?
    Every laundry requires 10.30 liters of water.

. How much electricity is used in every laundry?
    Every laundry requires 2.4 kilowatts of electricity.

. How many laundries can the machine perform using the full 2.9-liter detergent    cartridge? For how long?
    Laundering services per 2.9 liter provide for about 100 laundries when washing the full towel length, an     amount suitable for about 6 months time.

The following parameters may be changed to suit the customers' personal requirements: the length of the towel, the amount of detergent, as well as the time of laundering services.

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