Product Overview

Controlled by an electronic system, UltraClean non-touch cotton towel dispenser operates both as a linen towel dispenser and a self-laundering system. 

UltraClean is easily controlled by a remote control, intended for use by a technician or a caretaker, and information is projected onto the screen located on the cabinet, and can be adjusted according to the users' specific needs.

During the workday, UltraClean operates as a regular automatic non touch towel dispenser, while at night it provides full laundering services, as it cleanses, sanitizes and dries the towel, using an environment-friendly detergent with its powerful whitening formula.

All self-laundering services may be pre-programmed to take place at any time, during the day or at night.

The cleansing procedure takes two hours, for the full 20 meters of the towel. If less than the 20-meter length of the towel is used in a day, the laundering procedure will take less than 2 hours time.

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