Past methods and problem solving

During the past 30 years hand-drying methods in public areas have remained the same: There were the old traditional cotton towels, paper towels, and warm air dryers.

The old traditional cotton towel dispensers are clean, yet their usage entails complex cleansing logistics: removing the towel, driving it in trucks to and from laundromats, cleaning and drying the towel, rolling the towel up again, delivering it back and reinstalling it. This procedure consumes valuable time and money, and entails co2 emission into the environment.
Paper based products, which need lots of space and are made from wood, affect the environment strongly, and need trucks and manpower to deliver and collect the papers from the bins.
Warm air hand dryers, which actually blow air from within the restroom, dry our hands by using the germ filled air located all around the restroom.
For the first time, UltraClean presents a worldwide innovative solution to all those problems arising from the old methods of hand drying.
Our innovative fully automatic cabinet, sized just like custom towel dispensers, eliminates the need to change the cotton towel located in the dispenser, deliver it via trucks to a laundromat, go through the elaborate washing machine procedure, deliver it back to the dispenser and change the cotton towel again. Thus, UltraClean is safe and easy to use, saving valuable time and money and simplifying the complex logistics of cleaning and replacing cotton towels.
The cabinet is ready for use at all times, while the regular towel dispenser entails a very complex towel replacement process. Often the towel is finished and is not available for the users (this can also happened with paper).
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